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Justin Bock

Let me do your HOMEwork!

Choosing a Realtor SHOULD be hard!

Not exactly what you expected to hear FROM a realtor, right?  But, it's true!  Choosing someone to help guide and partner with you buying and/or selling a home is one of the most important decisions of your life and it shouldn't be taken lightly.  It impacts you, your family, your finances, your overall quality of life for years to come!

That's why you need a GEEK who understands the market and who treats the transaction as if it were their own.  According to Harper Collins dictionary a GEEK is someone who:

is knowledgable and enthuthiastic about a specific subject

I have had previous careers in finance, accounting, and most recently as a senior administrator for Wake County Public Schools - all of which help make this geek a perfect partner for you.  All the while, I was engaged in real estate as an investor and broker.  And now my singular passion is helping people as a realtor through my experience, my relentless approach, my attention to detail, my creativity, and my many industry connections.

Make your next real estate transaction my next obsession!

About Justin Bock

Relentless. That one word defines me and how I approach helping guide my clients through one of the most important decisions in life - selling or buying a home. Relentless. Nothing is more important to me than my family. I have an amazing wife, two wonderful daughters, a loving dog and precocious cat. Perhaps, it speaks to my nature but I have always enjoyed the process of buying and selling homes. I LOVE the analytical part (as an admitted data geek). I LOVE the creative problem solving. Memories are made in the home. The feeling of being part of that "next chapter" of people's lives energizes and inspires me. It also led to a never-ending obsession and thirst for knowledge - about housing markets, financing, and anything and everything related to the buying and selling process that will be beneficial to my clients. Leaving my career as a district senior administrator for Wake County Public Schools was the most difficult decision of my life. However, it only makes me a stronger advocate to continue helping families in a different capacity. With intimate knowledge of local educational systems, a background in finance, as an active real estate investor, and with a passionate approach to everything I do, I'm ready to make your house sale or purchase my next obsession.